Dilemma of the bustier dress, lingerie can change everything. The right knows how to forget, the bad obsessed by his incompetence… or worse, draws unsightly marks under the dress. Follow Biba tips to avoid unpleasant surprises, and choose the right lingerie!

Lingerie: the right bra for a strapless dress

You wear a pretty Petite chest? Good news, the strapless dress is made for you! Wear it preferably without bra, in order to avoid the lingerie that exceeds or unsightly marks. If the absence of BRA you inconvenient, choose a strapless dress with a domestic support: for the more flexible, an elastic band supporting the chest, for others, whales incorporated.Also, you can opt for a headband, discreet and comfortable bra. Some models have shells foam, to shape and add volume.

With a generous chest, on the other hand, the challenge is quite different. Choose a dress adapted to your morphology , the bustier is carved into a dense fabric for extra support: a thick material, to the tight weave, and a bustier to built-in frames can compensate for the BRA. Otherwise, you need to find the right bra!

Choose a bra band tight enough to support the chest without adding volume. If you don’t feel enough kept to walk without thinking, bet on long, similar to short bustiers Bras: feminine and sexy, they close down in the back and offer a much better maintenance as the simple headband.

Lingerie: the right panties with a strapless dress

If the choice of the BRA, or lack thereof, is critical to the right bustier dress, choice of panties is not accessory. The risk? Trademarks of unwanted elastic, more often, especially in a strapless evening dress adjusted and United. To avoid this, choose a second lingerie invisible skin soft seams, or a string. In all cases, make the impasse on the lace that may emerge under the thin fabric of the dress. And carefully check the result before going out!

Also, watch the color, in order to avoid revealing transparencies… If the string in a yellow strapless dress fuchsia can be a choice, it is rarely popular. Prefer a black under a dark gown lingerie, the flesh tints, or close to your skin tone, for all others. What is not seen in front of the mirror can sometimes be obvious thanks to a brilliant Sun.

One last tip? If you have chosen a short strapless dress and light, the drafty station! A gust of wind is sometimes enough to reveal what cache the dress when it comes not a twirls on the dance floor. In doubt, think about the shorty: these boxers for women ensures a perfect decency in any occasion, remaining invisible under the bustier dress the rest of the time. Best? There are all kinds of lingerie in pop colors, flesh or black models more sober.

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