A Demi-Season Garment: Jeans Jackets

One of the alternatives we have when they start lowering the temperatures is to add layers of clothing as if we were onions. A scarf It is essential for the mornings that begin to cool, and being lightweight, at noon we can dispense with it. Another garment that could be considered as one garment halftime or transition to autumn, just as shorts, are the jeans jackets.

In the boom of the garments Cowgirls (skirts, jackets, dresses, etc), the jeans jackets they have been this summer more fashionable than ever, and its versatility makes that they can be with all kinds of casual clothing to give the modern twist they need.

Alternatives to combine are varied, it is just as well with skinny in a different tone, as it carries Ashley Tisdale, as with the skirt, shirt and scarf’s color, style of Kate Bosworth or to remove all air I ñoño to a hippie dress flowers, as we see the Queen of boho-chic Sienna Miller.

With all the possibilities you get go full trend and more sheltered than only with light summer clothes. What is your favorite?.