A Winning Combination: Beis More Grey

This summer is the season of the nude colors, We see them everywhere and in all possible ranges combined each other. To me I love them, but I like even more combined with light gray.

The trend is in the street, and how you can best see is looking at where it is now the pulse of fashion, i.e., not on the runways, but in the blogs streetstyle and personal style.

We are still in the The male fashion weeks, held these weeks in Milan and Paris, with this great photo from Jak & Jil. Although it is a man, I would be with all your clothes, including the wallet.

And we have come to Spain, because Silvia, of Bartabac, also chooses this mix of colors of beige with gray. The Zara leather jacket is a monad.

Fashion seems to continue for the year coming, because the Phillip Lim Cruiser parade 2010 also repeats the same pattern.