Bedroom Stories #2 / / Sex Instead Of Yoga.

A guest post by Ann, logged Jane by Nike. Part 1 includes wiesoweshalbwarum reading here.

I think, so perhaps more fundamentally, the people should fuck much more. I say now also deliberately fuck and do not love, because love making is nice, but sometimes exhausting. Simply because it takes and calls in some way, even if only attention and empathy. Prelude, Aramsamsam, injury, you know. Sometimes everything against the fumbling around defends itself in me, I want Netflix better than bare facts. Everyday life is finally exhausting enough. But – and should be posted this but necessarily very large – the fact is that as a means of short can work fast clean-out wonders up rapidly with or without orgasm, no matter. More or less, my girlfriends and I could agree even sex instead of Yoga after a long back and forth and a great family pizza. Sex as a kind of ongoing self healing process. Good for the soul, the relationship, the job and the mental health. Because sex twice relieves stress on the spiritual as the physical channel. So, as it would finally release the Flitzebogen tight from exertion as who would get unexpected volcano inside the go and spit at the end lays down the hot lava as a conciliatory blanket over the Valley of the daily appeal issues. Lava, not semen, her piglets. Only an enemy called laziness remains despite all the obvious delight of three, four, five, six Vögeleien a week. We know it all. 

Of course I. It said girlfriends like to claim I is in this slippery matter „ knitted like a guy “. Always horny and always ready. Right on the one hand, quite apart from the nasty leg of sexism. On the other hand occurred to me recently that I am perhaps not unreasonably hot, but just irritated as the rest of the tend to be tempered Friday evening with red squad. May be Yes. But then there are plenty of me really. For those I tell about this here at all. Anyway, I also lost my politically correct soul wine after the dieswochrigen third glass and admitted to think terrible every now and then. Secretly. Things like „ God, which is now under voegelt “. Pardon. I’m never angry, but quite serious.

Women may be raised though to gezugelter sexual lust, but that does not mean that the opposite could be helpful not every now and then. Of course a man has not automatically and always buck, this is great stuff, but: it is itself actually possible for people to learn fancy. True to the motto “practice makes perfect”. It was sluggish Hundling anyway, so for me. And I suspect that a or others would do quite well to integrate fucking finally much more relaxed in everyday life. How about tooth brushing, just without obligation or pressure. It must be really not absolutely exhausting, but can be rather as natural as supper. And also equally delicious, also beneficial and yet this soothing as hot Lavender tea.

The routine is not bad by the way the Pimpern. In case of doubt even more familiar. And for, let’s say, „ deep sex “ is still plenty of time. At the same time, spontaneous sex becomes more likely. Even so a plus. Just think of the intensity of a certain intimate scenes from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Also not a bad idea. More passion rather than dispute. There, it is sometimes a bit wild, if one is cranky. I say unto you, that miracles through again for example, just as a random whimsical slap on the butt during sex, which one may call for quiet times and also return, easy hair-tearing and draw, because you are mad as hell. But next week more. Now go and bumset – as much you can.