#Berlinale2017 So Was: on ARD Blue Hour with Mint & Berry

Maybe we have no Golden Globes and also no Oscars and most likely we are already still no Cannes – and still this wonderful Berlin Film Festival, which since several years always slicker in the shadow of the great sneaks and draws the big film premieres of the world’s land, one of the most important film events at all blossomed: with a total of 400 films, over 335000 tickets sold and about 500000 admissions are the International Film Festival in Berlin the biggest public festival in the world. PAH, who would have thought that! Well, maybe we have no internationally glitzy actor * inside, providing great murmur on red carpets, but what is much more important: we have a lot of wise heads and talented people who could fairly confidently compete with many a Hollywood starlet on the canvas – Finally, there are international breakthroughs is sufficient. Usually we keep deliberately us out of the movie business, even though we want to share with you every now and then Visual beads when one of our longtime partners but invites to the event at all, we can however not otherwise assume away as the invitation by the stain!

Whether we would like to go blue hour with Luca Vasta during the day by the magic bullet of jacks beauty Department to jump and evening with mint & berry to the ARD quite relaxing to dine before it goes onto the blue carpet for one of the most important events of the Berlinale? Na logo, at this point let us but not a second time asking! Said than done: went to 15 ’ s going on and while we initially thought no one would need so long before the vanity mirror to punctually show up blue hour from 8: 00 on the ARD we were disabused the same evening. Well, maybe we have too lenient and too long rum geflachst – anyway, we arrived just in time to the minute and this is finally the main thing. Who follows us on Instagram, which was our day already follow, are for all other’s our day again all the series after:

15:07: beauty appointment at Jack’s beauty Department

No 10 minutes too late we land in jacks beauty Department and encounter the Luca Vasta, for mint & Berry’s social media accounts like good, old time throughout the day and evening moderated. And so we sit like three graces before the Schminkspiegeln and parallel aufgehubscht. While Nike and Vasta on the hair, ensures that my face Gets a smooth tone. About gaaaanz of course. Of course.

Mint-berry-ARD hour 005 mint-berry-ARD hour 008 mint-berry-ARD hour 044
16: 00 overall standings

We are? Maybe should we reach more often look for makeup and curling irons? While my face was revealed and I get contouring for the first time, Lucas hair into a curly dream has evolved – and Nike? That has not just an insane mat on the head, but at some point even dense lashes. Whaowsa. Magic bullet here anyway, gets a whole new dimension.

17:00 Waowsa, who we are?

If you not so terribly often wears makeup in private life and when, about mascara or some Foundation not comes out, then as a make-over can cause ever confusion in mirror image. And so zuppelten we still even secretly in our makeup around, to be finally ready after a perceived eternity.

Is fixed in our mint & berry dress choice and on’s:

18: 00: dinnertime

Food! By taxi (you know: naked legs and all that!) It went a few meters in the Roy & Pris for dinner. With this: the entire mint & berry team and as well as our fellow meps Tanja and Desi. What has waiting for us? Finest Asian tapas. For those who like fancy pancy, which should necessarily come here.

20: 00: here are all important actors * Interior & the who-is-who of the crime scene team combines

OK, we admit it: we also found Sunday evening often before the crime scene to the weekend to sound out and Miracoli to eat in front of the TV. This time it was almost similar, just it was neither a Sunday nor a Couchpotatoe evening, not a single crime scene, also but to a best-of the detective series in a place with all involved Commissioner * inside: on the ARD blue hour, one of the main events at the Berlin Film Festival.

Three ARD co-productions in competition and 50 co-productions in all sections are probably the best evidence that ARD has every reason to throw a party for the Berlinale – already for several years. While one sits during the day with producers at a table and discusses slots and formats, will be in the evening rendezvous invitation to the great, friends of the House are assembled and the German acting celebrities chatting like on a reunion together.

Nikes dress comes from the spring/summer 2017 collection and online very soon to rise. More clothes are however, here too.

And what had to do with mint & berry?

No event without appropriate supporter: and so, mint & berry last Friday night as a fashion partner supported the event and a small portion of youthfulness breathed into the event, the staff converted into modern geishas, provided for non-alcoholic drinks with flowers and cocktails in popcorn bags around their Japan-inspired bar in the middle of the repurposed Museum of communication.

Blouse and pleated skirt.
Suede leather ensemble out of pants and coat + Rainbow blouse with collar (online soon). Jacquard ensemble of blouse and trousers.
There you go: one of the mint & berry himself head of designerinnen.
The dress is also very soon online.

Thanks for the beautiful day, Luca, Anne, Vida, Aoife, Carmen,
Nina Tanja, Desi and Marie

– in friendly cooperation with mint & berry –