Bloggers Already with Dare Crop Tops and You?

It can be that this year you have granted, Yes, that this summer you fall with the trend of the crop tops While last summer aborreciste of it. In fact, already have cast the eye to a crop top not too short that you have pretty well, even so, gonna leave it for when you make more heat and when it is a bit more tanned. But the bloggers No, eager to brand new ultimate, they already look the crop tops.

So this season instead of showing our legs, we will show our navels and our guts. For the time being, under jackets and raincoats open. A small piece of skin which is scarcely glimpsed.

But little by little and as more heat, the tops will be shortening and we luciremos them all the time. Simple striped t-shirts about jeans as a fresh alternative and youth.

I love these looks, but at the height of the absurdity, we have to Chiara Ferragni in full New York snow storm, with a crop top, Cap wool and coat. Because it is worth it. Absurdeces of the world blogger that does not add much to the fashion.

Crop tops in Jezebel

  • I want to be young and have flat belly to be able to wear all the crop tops in Zara TRF
  • When the trend is modernized: the crop tops up t-shirts