Estililismo Trick: Boots with Harem Pants

The over the knee boots they are Queens of the footwear East Winter 2009 / 2010. And although it may be with mini-dresses or skinny pants, if we want our attire to be the best choice truly trendy, take them as we saw in the parade of Isabel Marant: with harem pants.

And so we can put together in one single outfit several of the trends strongest are sticking these months: high boots, harem pants, jackets of skin and Leopard print. And with all this, we shall not sin of bowling flat, but that we will be following the proposal of the brand that has better managed to expose and exporting French chic style in dress: Isabel Marant.

Other brands, such as Pucci or Louis Vuitton, either get rid of converting the boots in Queens of their parades, although they prefer to accompany them from dresses and skirts minimum length.

Although the French mark Paul & Joe combine them with a monkey.

After seeing several famous wearing high boots, it is clear that this season must be done with a.