Event & Preview: Bread & Butter by Zalando Schedule & Our Insides to the Levi’s Fire Lab

Only the rumor mill bubbling, then it was actually hochoffiziell and now it is big event almost at the front door: opens in less than four weeks the bread & by Zalando its doors and we can be butter for the very first time with this, if the former, classic fashion fair from 2 to 4 September makes her debut to the public event and changes to the 3tägigen fashion – and lifestyle-oriented adventure travel. The former Tempelhof airport to the Arena Berlin: that not only the site would change was naturally clear to us what exactly we should imagine under the latest concept, however, is only airs the B gradually, because since this week is & B schedule live – and exactly which bring light into the dark: while we just have look at the highlights of the coming seasons so a few years ago that is now shaping announced. What does that mean? Selected brands such as adidas, converse, G-star, Eastpak, Marina Hall X Hello Kitty, Nike and vans invite us to labs in your brand, give us a deeper insight behind their scenes, show us the latest creations on the runway or even to join the call. And exactly at this point, even Levi comes ’ s in the game.

In the mobile Tailorshop on the bread & butter by Zalando we can either under direction of the artists or with much confidence on our own talents that iconic Levi pieces in the blink of an eye, customizen, zerschnibbeln, paint s, decorate, paste, or totally alienate. Just so, as we always have liked or us the Bill has grown. Now give you some insight on this, what us Levi ’ s so on the show is exactly present new trend, are we this week been traveling as an example for you in her flagship store Berlin and thanks to artist and gave everything Paula, get out at Levi ’ s to make our own individual design classics. Of cornflowers, a feminism message on the back, tassels and Velvet:

wishes discuss, philosophizing from the dream piece, or discuss very exact ideas. The Tailorshop artists know what goes and what is totally Utopian,:

basically everything goes of course – is evidence like Paula’s Instagram account.

From the sewing machine through a variety of pliers, patches, paints, Cutter knife and colourful fabrics to rivets, borders and trailers, anything is possible. Paula’s masterpiece: this jacket was quite incidentally on the Coachella on the road: A small little inspiration anyone? You can find also in the shop: while Nike, Jane even wielding the brush, time talent now also on denim provides proof and now come with distinctive attitude on the back through the area …
… I discuss with Paula, how you created something completely different from the classic denim jacket. I’m just free hand the artist and let surprise me: win win < 3

what the results look like:

Nike Jane:

including henna-inspired paintings on the back and small flake.

Belongs to our personal highlights besides the Levi’s Tailorshop in any case, already now clearly the result of Zalando x Marni collaboration, which is kept so far pretty strictly secret. Not to mention of course Topshop fashion show on Friday night, as well as Ivyrevels debut on Sunday afternoon. That bread & butter by Zalando no mere revolves around fashion, proves the official schedule black on white: in addition to “best ofs” of German fashion Film Festival and of the Madrid & & Canadian international fashion Film Festival, are including music from the German/French producer duo acid wash, a DJ set of beautiful Swedish Linnéa or Noah Slee’s futuristic-fantastic soul version of TLCs “waterfalls”. And that, my dear, is just a tiny snippet of the Line-Up and the official timetable.

A few hard facts of bread & butter by Zalando have first we you also here put together.


-in friendly cooperation with Zalando-