Fair Fashion Ethical Fashion Show & Green Showroom – Dates, Brands & Events

You will agree sure me, when I say that there are limited reasons to drive to Berlin in January. And yet I am preparing now for the second time this month on a trip to the capital:

Last week, (almost) everyone gathered Janes, to front of the camera for the upcoming ASOS magazine skillfully ungekonnt in pink area to give a face to #Crewlove. And next week the fashion week is even with all its colourful events. And, at the latest since their presence and size impressive could expand the sustainable industry in the past few years, it is a kind of imperative for all sustainable fashion aficionados, to drop everything and come to Berlin. My heart jumps each year enthusiastically before and back, when I discover a new label, which is actually portable and beautiful – this is namely not so easy – and comes out without Okoprints (hmrpf!). What is on the agenda this year and on what brands I am most looking forward, there are in my fair fashion Guide to the fashion week:

Where and when – the facts

The ethical fashion show and the Green Showroom are open from 17-19 January – the first two days from 10 am to 7 pm and Thursday from 10 to 17 hrs – for trade visitors. Trade visitors are in principle those who work in the fashion industry or are representatives of the press.

There are tickets and more information online or on-site, admission is free. With your ticket, you have also access to other fairs: Premium, show & order, #Fashiontechberlin, seek and bright.

Is the location for both measuring the Postbahnhof Berlin, street of the Paris municipality 8, 10243 Berlin, her prima reached the official Mercedes-Benz shuttle services, car or train (Eastern railway station).

Talks & events

My favorite five events at the ethical fashion show and at the Green Showroom.

Tuesday, January 17th

11: 00 in the Green Salon: presentation by Sandra Gonz and Emma Conos about a research project of the fair wear Foundation on the subject of minimum wage and living wage. Title of the event: “living wages – at explorer’s notebook” from 17: 00 an event of Balagans and sportswear International is there in the Club. We must hope: our creativity free space and let the first day an ethical and Green Showroom finish off with relaxing music and drinks

Wednesday, January 18th

10: 00 in the Green Salon: current status and results of the textile Alliance, an Association of representatives from the economy, society, organizations and unions, the common social and environmental standards and improvements will create for the economy. Lecture by Dr. Bernhard Felmberg from the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development. Directly into the port at 11: 00 in the Green Salon: lecture by Oekotex label titled transparent supply chain in the area of textiles. Already standard, or rather a model for the future? And most importantly: how transparent is transparent?

Thursday, January 19

11: 00 in the Green Salon: Panel discussion on the topic of plastic in our oceans and what is the role of the textile industry here. A very interesting and advanced event to the issue with which I already have grappled me.

All eyes on: old acquaintances and new discoveries – the brands

A relatively manageable overview when you consider that issue’s on both sustainable fairs together over 150 brands.

Green Showroom

By Signe jungle folk Jan ‘N June Maria Seifert Studio Elsien Gringhuis

Ethical Fashion Show

Inheels Liisa Soolepp mud jeans P.I.C..

Do you have any more tips for me where it should go, or do you have some specific questions? Then bring it!

Collage & pictures in the text: Pinterest (honestlywtf, vervain), trendjam.com, jonathangriffin.org, heels, P.I.C., Liisa Soolepp, ethical fashion show Berlin