Fashion on The Street: Let’s Play Lego with The Colors for Fall

This Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 will have color, I already think so. While several brands have slightly lowered Vitalism that was experienced last summer the blocks of color they remain a key but adapted to the autumn season, trend so goodbye fluorine colors, goodbye best finishes soft and pastel tones.

We have seen this trend was repeated with pants of colors so it is not surprising that other alternatives for the rest of looks with dresses, skirts and other variables there are.

There are all the colors and ideas. The oranges are mixed with hints of yellow and red, and pink colors for Sandals of ASOs, like the sunglasses in the shape of a heart that looks White Lace. The pamela is Reserved and Stephan Pegler dress.

The supremacy of the Red for this season, one more, makes that we see it in many styles like this of Margarita Vasilieva with a top of Zara asymmetrical and a celestial blue maxifalda prepared by herself next to a pair of sandals from H & M.

A pastel version is that we see in this look of Katie Brown one of the key patterns during these months: the Aztec in a skirt of Mags & Pye. Set to there shoes are of Jeffrey Campbell.

A version of the more sporty Red and street is that we see in the whole of Jack Rivera with a short skirt in blue klein of Urban Outfiters, like sunglasses and the federa.

Without going of the family of the blue we have this set to Natalie Leung risks too. Even though you can hit and is not my ideal combination, after a while watching it mauve of sandals I like how is of Zara along with the tones mustard and other cowboy.

Already commented yesterday that the Purple He was eager to carry out the functions of the Honeysuckle of last season. We are in the fall and everything shuts down at least a little. Short dresses combined with blue live as these from Zara and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Along with the Violet is the rise of the Emerald Green see it on pants, dresses, shirts, maxi skirts… Daniela Ramírez combines it very well and add even more color in the Sandals of Zara, same signature of the top, while the Cowboys are JC Penney and Mimi Boutique bag.

Then there is the Pistachio or the lime green that it also give a cheerful touch to the whole.

Violet in pastel with roses of the same style feels very good and continues with the romantic touch without much slack or need any white so.

For every day a Chunky knit sweater It will be great. There are at Zara and combined very well, as we see, in pastel as this yellow shorts from Forever 21. The contrast is left to ASOs black boots.

Speaking of yellows, this look of Boat People I love it. It has everything, risk and good taste.

If you want an all in one always can choose by dresses in Lego form with several very colorful stripes as this design of Celine that it looks Michelle Hiralal next to a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes.