Fashion Valley / / I Go Bananas, or: Invest in Joy

It was a morning to the one Monday morning, smoking in the pipe, you know that. One where it squeezes the big toe on the bathroom door himself, shortly before pain consumed face is close, not just in time to fold up the toilet lid. The mouth hang then, exactly how the wink arms which double a beat on the mind, though skin on the arm must be Yes condition. I stand there so sometime before my bag shelf, and I have the choice: in accordance with mourning black, the occasion or just the opposite, a banana from their fun bend my lower lip which might look off. Of course, I take a banana day thereof, the elegant new leather Queen of my colorful collection. Thank you, Farfetch, you treasure trove of upscale otherness. A wise decision, in any case, as will be out later. While it starts rather ridiculous ultra.

Before the Samy of my Vetrauens has himself already gathered the coolest gang of junior high to drive up a dignified yumyum noodle breakfast which means usually confrontation. Instead call MILF, a herd of wild become hormone fling suddenly begins to MIME the jungle. UH-uh-ah-ah-ah-ah, a scratching it under both armpits. Although I firmly intend to meet my personal educational mission, I would roll with the eyes, what I but not do at the end. “Good morning, her sweet little monkey” I flute, whereas I earlier anointed the face me for the first time since I with Mandarin cream, must smile.

Rejects at the next traffic light an a treat with a beard I look railing of the four-lane road, the short round, he away, until he discovered the banana in half dead angle – now we both smile. As MC dreamy looks almost at the same time green, he is finally strong and elated in the pedals as if to say: thank you.

An iced coffee later I stumble so by optimism tipsy in the infamous elevator of our office building, therefore, he is notorious because he slides not ludicrously slow through the floors, but still stifled any conversation in the bud. It’s a mystery to me today, but in this cube nobody speaks a bit, as it risks to bring the old lift box with too much banter from the concept. Just the other day I was allowed to attend an abortive Overture, to geflirtete lady replied only a muttered their toes that caressed her counterpart, on the question after the court Friday “don’t listen you, music in ear, sorry.” this time it is different, because I’m wearing Yes banana. Far underestimate a people together leader who opens doors, for which it takes usually a crowbar. Stand them so the not lovebirds in there and stare at me. Silence. The elevator comes to a stop in the fourth, I must be on the fifth floor, the two marching silently out, but then, as my stählender cage is just about to set, again in motion, you hear a shy in the hallway: haste seen? I don’t know what happened then, but I would say: now runs where. And mine also.

Me there’s nothing’s so also now further as increasingly in joy to invest, instead of classic, I say Yes again and again: color against the Tristesse, form for more diversity and cheerfulness as a counterpoint to the fashionable seriousness, that is far too long pushes through the daily life. On banana days wear the banana – that I came there not much sooner.

Mine by the way, comes from the Japanese label Muviel and landed these days prompt in the Farfetch sale.

Bag: Farfetch / / jeans: acne Studios / / shoes: Castañer / /

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