High Monkeys: The Hairstyle More Cool of The Moment

In Summer We do not know what to do with the long hair: It bothers us, it gives warmth, it is more damaged because of the Sun, chlorine and saltpeter… A good solution is to make a braid or a queue. But if we are looking for something more casual, our best choice is to ask a high Mono.

It is really very easy to make: If you did yourself a monkey to get a shower at the top of the Crown and then you out on the street. But this simple hairstyle is very popular and is the most cool.

Some of the girls it already carry it, like the model Erin Wasson or the hijisima Theodora Richards, and at most stylish version, Chloe Sevigny, that is not escaping no fashion, and Margherita Missoni.

In some fashion shows have been also be allowed to see, as in Phillip Lim and in Jenni Kayne. It is more chic than we can imagine ourselves at first, right?.

Within our world blogger, our most famous girl, Gala, He wears this hairstyle without any kind of hesitation, combining it with the round glasses and jacket oversize.

Y Rumi, Fashion Toast, He knows always adopt the latest trends, have hair as her friend Erin Wasson.