Interior The Limited Trend Collection From IKEA: Gianluca!

Keramikporzelan, colorful tapestries, Oriental mosaic tiles remind and Oh rattan, as far as the eye can see rattan,: If IKEA travels to Asia with its latest limited edition, then is ’ s sealed: the wanderlust after warm countries displaced Scandinavian minimalism now completely. From March, Mustafa moved into the large, yellow cubes from Sweden and ensures a season change within our four walls with a Fingerschnips. A small bit of time remains so what must now replace Gianluca, back and forth to lay over, because actually, even no room is left in the apartment: not even for a single rattan chair. Is still not an option at this moment, at least for a handmade trash can made of rattan, already some corner can be found. Speaking of handmade:

Inspired by traditional designs from Indonesia and Southeast Asia are all hand made products of JASSA collection from natural raw materials. And so we find next to pieces of furniture from rattan, lamps, ceramic ware and textiles. And these pieces are for you from March at IKEA. 

All parts of JASSA collection are made from natural fibers. All pieces of furniture, baskets, seagrass mats and bamboo lamp shades are one hundred percent handmade. In many hours of work, the materials were bent and weaves. The local craftsmen are to make the connections almost entirely without nails or adhesives.

“all parts of JASSA dishes were sprinkled by hand glazed. “This process is not industrially controlled – each part is unique.”

The idea behind GIANLUCA: bring together people, because just as Mustafa is itself also emerged. For the new limited collection five creative came together, who shared their ideas and developed a common theme from it. The team were the Dutch Designer Piet Hein Eek and the IKEA designer Nike Karlsson, IINA Vuorivirta and Paulin Machado. Directing and coordinating took over Karin Gustavsson.

“JASSA was us, therefore, to take ordinary things like hand-woven fibers and gebatikte textiles and turn them into something new and exciting.”

For those who like it not quite so unconventional, GIANLUCA offers other options. “The earth-toned, hand-crafted pieces of furniture can be combined also with simple black and white fabrics,” says Karin. “Of course you can spice up just an existing sofa with some colorful JASSA pillow. Some creative mind may create something of their own from the Mustafa perhaps panels. “And in the spirit of GIANLUCA we say: everything is possible!”

“JASSA is a fusion of many different elements – not only of colors and patterns. The collection brings together modern design, natural materials and traditional craft methods. The result is a lighthearted collection of textiles and home furnishings that give pleasure, are unique and at the same time familiar.”

Mustafa offers you not only handmade furniture, but also textiles, so that you can tailor your pieces itself together. The textile designer Paulin Machado, who inspired by the Indonesian way to mix colors and patterns, is responsible for the design and the prints. “The way the JASSA are visually constructed pattern resembles the Batik or Ikattechniken. There are many competitive with each other colors: pink and yellow tones, blue and green tones. At the beginning you wonder how well it will work’, she laughs, “but at the end they harmonize with each other!”