Lesson Style Master (By a Blogger) to Dress Up 20, 30 and 40 Years

Can a blogger, ideal and fantastic, show us in your blog perfect styles for when you are 20, 30 or 40 years? You can and indeed does, although surely it is not conscious. Discover Ebba is to open a door to a thousand possibilities of copying his style. Possibilities for all, whether you have 20, as 40 years.

20 years has my love

With 20 anything goes: impossible combinations, micro (shorts and minis and tops that style between grunge and naive so much is the style). It’s time to risk, of mix and no doubt. Not you’ve shown already how bad of ventitantos girls celebrated the 4th of July?

30 and as many

Arrive 30, they say the best ages of women. The work occupies much of your time but your mind fashion. Let’s start with a basic wardrobe, that non-classical for these rebates, but let us not remain there. Long skirts have returned from oblivion, combine them with parts above youth, with logos and messages. Do you remember to? Carrie Bradshaw?

Even if you have a body, you’re not for microshorts or minitops. You’ve figured out finally that the subtle is much more elegant that obvious and you abandoned shorts with pockets on the outside by a Bermuda or straighter shorts. Lesson well learned: if I down squeeze, at your top not.

The look of the first image is very naive and beautiful but we see in this manner with 30? Lengthen skirt, obscure hat and went from an innocent baby doll house on the Prairie to a rogue Florence (and the machine), mixes grunge with Provençal.

40 degrees and years

Are said to be forty now the 30 before, which is say but Jennifer Aniston. Not a mod and 60 dresses line A touch?

Love has left me this look. Hairstyle and makeup perfect, elegant and beautiful dress and pose with charme. I would stay here and you?