Lindsay Lohan Is Targeting The Middle Broken Fashion

In this case broken leggings, and much. The other day I taught a photo of a girl of these so great that stroll through Paris during the fashion weeks that had been completely broken stockings, with gaps of those that can only be made to conscience given its diameter. And today, the dilemma that we proposed a day in relation to the baggy pants, is broad, the question is no longer if trends move from the catwalk to street or vice versa, if not: from the street to the celebrities, or vice versa.

I say I multi-rotos leggings carrying Lindsay Lohan will belong at least to his own collection, or may be a special model that has envisioned to launch into her new clothing line 6126 (that just yesterday had a few department stores of New York) and that it thus comes from the factory, and she puts them first to see that such work at a level media.

The case that optical effect has much to do with lace stockings and depends on how you look at it, is a punk version of the latter. What I say, do you dare with the experiment?