Milla Jovovich and Heidi Klum, Models and Mothers

I think that normally do not we imagine that the models can go picnic in a park surrounded by children screaming and running everywhere. Rather think that they have to be always perfectly arranged with heels and thousands of layers of makeup. To undo this myth here have the proof that they also combine their careers with the self mothers and attend a picnic festival. And they do it with style.

Two of the most famous models (good both Mile as Heidi Klum have other facets such as actresses, designers and presenters) put on your most comfortable clothes and attended to the Calabasas pumpkin Festival with his family. Which with Heidi is saying many children by l what comfort is Basic. Thus, Project Runaway presenter chose a loose Plaid blouse in grey colours with sequin applications in the neck, a few grey jeans and flat boots. Little makeup, a ponytail and a maxigafas and voila, ready to fight with three children and many Halloween Pumpkins.

On the other hand, Mile Jovovich opted for a style to what Charlie’s Angeles with a high-waisted and wide-leg pants with pockets to the front and waistband, a Navy blue cotton t-shirt, and sandals of Cork-soled platform vermilion colour. Footwear didn’t matter much for mile because its small Eve is still a baby’s arms and is not necessary to run both behind her. I loved his seventies style taken directly from Verano azul. It was as if instead of being with one foot in the regresaramos winter in a warm summer beach weather.

And see, the models do not have to walk point blank, but can opt for looks casual and comfortable when they walk out there.