Mummy Style Guide – Where Do You Go to the Perfect Mamasein?

A book full of inspiration and passion. Janine Dudenhöffer, together with the photographer Jules Vilbrandt, has made a search for great women, who walk a colorful path with their children and their families.

Mummy Style Guide - Where Do You Go to the Perfect Mamasein

I am often quite curious when I see or meet other mothers, and I am secretly wondering how their everyday life is probably going on. Have I only quite a mess in the apartment and suddenly no longer desire my old clothes? How realistic each life is to the outside is the one thing, but, of course, I also want to hear what tricks and tactics other moms have found for themselves to master everyday life with child. Yes, and how you look great!
This new Mama Styleguide is a wonderfully versatile compilation of versatile lifestyle and living concepts, your own style and beautiful stories about what has changed with the child and what may not.
After the average, I still have a few questions among the freshly painted nails, which together with the author Janine Dudenhöffer let me look a little deeper into the subject.

I was only last week with someone (so far still childless) entertained, which admitted to fear that one with child suddenly loses completely. I wonder why there is still the assumption that a life with a child means at the same time a practical short haircut and the end of the fashionable development.This is exactly where this book is based. Where do you see your mission?

You have already answered the question. The book presents 25 women with their families. 20 in the fashion, 5 in the residential context. The pictures are inspiration. In the texts, I illuminate what the snapshots can not show in their entirety: the everyday life of the mothers, who lead their own self-confident lives alongside and with their children and no longer – like many of their mothers – spend their entire day behind their children.

What impressed you the most with the portrayed women?

Most impressed me the really relaxed Moms, which it was schnurzpiepegal, when Kids or Bluse were fucked. The ones, where not everything was perfect for the photo herdekoriert. For let’s be honest: at the shoot, most of them want to show themselves at their best. But the staggering number of women (more than 300 feed backs on our call at out site and the Brigitte MOM, which are now ready to present themselves and their family in their private homes to a broad public, have really impressed me.

There are also critical voices, according to the motto – it is only suggested how great others look in spite of motherhood, what others all childlike under a hat. How can we take the uncertain women’s pressure?

Of course, there are critical voices, and much ironically beloved ones on the subject of “mothers and style.” Look at the comments under the ZEIT magazin post on Facebook, which I find sad and regrettable, because everyone can keep it with the clothes as you like Or just to fit into the stuff I can also understand parents who completely fade the fashion – in the first time after Philo’s birth, I was able to do the same thing in the first time, but this also changes with the age and age of the child.

I want to make women feel good, because one’s life is not over with children. It is incredibly different and incredibly enriching. It has a meaning that no career, no world journey, and only right can not give a new piece of clothing to one.

Do you have some tips from your own experience with child and career, how this women’s image is the lightest life?

1. Getting help and accepting offered help. And by this I mean not only partners, family or government offers, but also other mothers. (Hold it together!)
2. In the times without giving child gas
3. Focus on the little ones in the times with children, come down, but also grow on the challenges. If you really get involved, you can learn a lot about yourself and understand your own mother better.