OmniPeace T-Shirt for Solidarity Favorite Celebrity

Not only Obama and McCain (well, in this case less) are monopolizing the message of the shirts in the United States, but that the famous can also show how is solidarity in their own way: creating trend and giving voice to causes which then spreads all over the world. I have always defended the famous that they know of its power and use it for good, they are one of the most important now to influence.

Although the solidary causes should always take them with tweezers. On this occasion it is of help Africa and so familiar faces make it as Eva Longoria, Courtney Cox, Lindsay Lohan o Zac Efron. From how? Wearing a t-shirt of the NGO OmniPeace, that is on sale for 95 euros, an amount is not suitable for all budgets.

The price catches my attention. Very high to be a beneficial idea, but then the NGO has an ideal clear: seek to end extreme poverty by the year 2025. Even so, wouldn’t be more logical put a more accessible price to achieve that I will expand more this garment and we all could do us a?

Well is that the benefits are intended for this cause (I have not gotten to see how much per cent) and carrying all the famous Hollywood t-shirt and the logo of the NGO, but I don’t think that’s the end of a cause as well.

OmniPeace became popular in the Mecca of large studies of films thanks to the work of Courtney Cox and your spouse David Arquette, who launched the Kitson brand last year. From that moment we have not stopped seeing people like Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, or Angelina Jolie wearing the famous t-shirt.

To me the shirt I like, preferring the gray background, the merger between the peace symbol and the African continent formed by tacks in the typical colours of Africa. Only that I see over that price for a cause as well.