Outfit / / MBFW Day I with Ruffles & Jeans DIY Necklace

Short before I’m always fashion week of and think quietly “Oh no” me into it, but really it goes then I i. Fortunately quite quickly in opposite thoughts. I’m a bit before even tipsy mostly looking forward to all my colleagues colleagues, friends and well-known Weggen, from different cities, we eagerly awaiting may finally meet again, what our Berlin show and also favorite designers will, somehow with feverish, euphoric and in a beautiful work mode strange – the me between the intact and bustle all with much energy through the days fly. Just I would wear at all on your favorite pajamas.

Power but not as a fashion week being namely, if you will, similar to a wedding – of we not necessarily pretzels us our own sake to, but because we want to show respect to their hosts, and should. So here is the people behind the scenes, have sweated blood and sweat for the circus finally. How to but really adequately and the Berlin fashion week according to dress I not found out yet always, I had yesterday but well it could work the impression, with necklace and earrings: homemade, crooked and ruffle blouse gewickelter at the.

The Gucci foxes among you have already found it: necklace and earrings of course was stolen when the Chief Designer Alessandro Michele, anyway, almost, because what I there taken together will cost jumpsuit at about 3.50 euros. Consider: two cotton belts from the tailor shop (I’ve chosen red and green for) and a flower hair clip H & M, finished.
And because seenhim so have demand: it is true, that a little wearing on jeans, but for Christ’s sake. YOU already know JEANS: thanks to ASOS / / BLOUSE: WEEKDAY / / shoes: GUCCI / / bag: CHANEL