Paris Hilton with Garter Belts

When I said that Bai Ling Removes a Paris Hitlon in the list of the worst dressed, did not remember that the heir to the Empire Hotel makes every effort to deliver that title every year. Today, seeing this picture, I have remembered it.

With this look, but without wig, appeared Paris Hilton in Los Angeles the past night. It seems that the girl is already back from filming in Canada. At least for a time, which has not wasted nor for a second. Reported to have Paris went through two different clubs in the same night.

Put aside your social activity (we all know that Paris is one big party) and focus on their appearance. Do you think of her look? For a moment, I thought it would be a disguise (so that it is soon Halloween), but I don’t think so. They do not mention it anywhere. So we have to believe (that’s not difficult) that the starlet has dressed as well by the way.