Prohibited Short-Sleeve Shirt And Other Mistakes To Avoid When Dressing In The Summer

High temperatures are the greatest enemy faced elegance. With the heat also becomes the desire to get rid of all, less than what is strictly necessary demanded to live in society…

However, summer and colorful allow us enjoy and vibrate with clothes like never before that time. Just look how dressed men in the 1930s to discover a huge variety of ensembles and possibilities. But it is better to consider these errors repeated so much we have come to accept, and banish them to looking for stylish alternatives.

In The Office

We can not keep using the same fabrics, cuts and colors than in winter.

Time to give rest to the suits or summer dress of wool, flannel, melton and vicuña to replace them with cold flax or alpaca wool.

It is time to save the costumes with whole linings and interlinings of winter.Interlinings of summer, the half lining, makes little armed and most lightweight fabrics are now up.

If dressed in costume, the necktie remains mandatory. To get rid of it, and only when the situation allows it, better choose a two-piece consisting of a separate jacket and trousers.

Ties without entretelar add a touch of freshness to the costume. The type of the body point replace the thicker interlining silk.

If the summer is synonymous with light and heat, would wear the same Navy blue suit of winter? Let us introduce clear and bright colors, that not striking, as tobacco linens or the blue sky.

Let us not fall into the temptation to combine a summer with pants, winter jacket.

Cotton socks replace the wool.


Shirts, pants, loafers…

White pants by day and light blue or green Matt at night.

Linen wrinkle is required, as well as elegant. Shirts and jackets of this natural fibre printed sets a variety of interesting colors.

Avoid too formal or closed shoes. The “loafers”, with or without “pikis”, are a good alternative.

If you prefer socks, always better cotton with some design or smooth from Scotland thread.

Do not mix clothes from different seasons. Combine a jacket with a Bermuda can be current, but it is neither elegant nor coherent.

Nor is it successful to accompany a swimsuit with moccasins. Best espadrilles.

On The Street

Forbidden to go in rubber hancletas, nautical, Bermuda shorts, short-sleeved shirts, swimwear…

Do not forget that the city asphalt has little to do with the from the Boardwalk of our resting place. The formality that requires city is higher.

So little correct it is to go to the bar with a double shoe buckle that do it with some slippers of rubber to the cinema.

We do not abuse of Bermuda in the city, best to book them for walking at nightfall by the shore of the beach.

Nautical shoes stand out for their beauty in the Marina but not in a mall.

While every day is more frequent to coincide in public places with tourist t-shirt and rubber flip-flops, we should keep in mind that these places are not our House and we should not wear them as if this were it.

A slightly tight, long-sleeved shirtunless it exceeds the elbow, is more attractive than a short sleeve. A simple pole is the perfect alternative to this.

No unbutton various buttons of the shirt. The t-shirts are prohibited.

On The Beach

Eye with the swimsuits, t-shirts, straw hats.

If winter meals have taken a toll on our bodies, better choose a boxer shorts swimsuit.

Forget the straw hats and baseball caps. Your best alternative: a good Hat Ecuadorian contained wing and color band.

A linen shirt slightly removed, or a pole, is more elegant than a t-shirt.

A lightweight and comfortable “kikoi shawls” – similar to the sarong-is a good substitute for the sometimes uncomfortable towel.

Avoid shoes and elect to rubber flip-flops.Espadrilles are another comfortable and informal option.

At Night

Escape winter jackets, dark colors, summer slackness…

Let the Navy Blue fleece jackets and replace colors linen. Garnish with scarves of vivid hues (green, purple and red) and daring designs.

Known as “gominos” is a very smart choice.

Casual cut and colourful pants accompany lighter jackets without shoulder pads or liners.

The cotton knitted shirts replace wool and cashmere.

Plug-ins and “pashminas” linen swaths of colors canvas belts are very welcome.

Touch change winter perfume by another cooler.

Teba Tadino flax. Lightness and style for the mornings and most elegant nights.

Cremieux swimsuit. The colors of the French Riviera.

Jimmy Lionsocks. Joy and ease to our feet.

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