So Was In the Planetarium with Mint & Berry & the Little Prince

“It is much harder to judge himself, to judge than on others. […] If you’re going to meet, even about you you’re a real wise.” hardly a different children’s book have we consumed more often and more frequently cited in poetry albums, as the story of the little Prince. Because it is on such innocent manner and terribly lovingly calls, reminds us of the freeze and so much truth between the lines is written. “All grown-ups were children once, but few remember it.” it sounds a little corny, if we admit that “the little Prince” us on weekends and for the umpteenth time again on his planet brought has, over the an or others yet exactly to think: about love, friendship and death. For two hours we cuddled us comfortably into the blue folding chair, dreaming about the world, the stars and were almost completely gefuhlsduselig if this magic atmosphere. I don’t know when I last time just so in a dark room there was sitting, just listened, thoughts drifted without losing the context, again listened to, and sent kisses to heaven. Look through children’s eyes, amazed, and blithely enter things so terribly banal it sounds, the two-hour reading in the Planetarium was so empty rich yet, which we gave to our ear on Saturday among thousands stars.

Little else seems so Mystic, is full of puzzles and secrets and will be tirelessly explored for decades: we know much about the star system – and yet again as little, and that is why we are so fascinated. And so I made my personal Planetarium debut weekend with mint & berry and am terribly since then connected, finally to visit an Observatory and to ponder again about the crazy world, about people and about the inexplicable anyway. Mint & berry for these beautiful push thank you all, for join and the moments with our four winners:

at the International Congress of astronomers he gave a great speech about his discovery. But no one had believed him, just his costume due to. So are the big people.

Our winners / /

Thank you for participating, their Quiffs < 3

I would have to judge them by their actions, not their words.


Nike Jane / / dress, boots & coats.

People have no imagination. Repeat what they are told…

Sarah Jane: dress & lace-up shoes.

More pictures from the PLANETARIUM & the little Prince

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