So Was Launch Event: with Our Site & Gala Gonzales in Amsterdam

When we our site x Jane Wayne Lookbook shoot got 1.5 year ago for the first time for our first in front of the camera, as we ventured even a little experiment. It’s about really back this fire from LA, that sometime a little in the years came and fashion spirits that divorce, pubertal contaminated with grinding and Cupid’s arrow embroideries reminded? We came to a clear yes and you wanted to prove that it is worth to look a second time, that it well could be time to shake off old associations and your own eyes to decide, rather than to refer to his dusty opinion. And the concept seems to be since then: A fresh design team brought whistle in the store recently, a new interior concept underscores the relaxed realignment since then and the #imperfect campaign that appeals to our self love wants to make aware, that I the same are perfect and imperfect.

Since we no bad hair, cannot allow to our site anyway, at the Embassy of their #imperfect campaign anyway and certainly not in their recent route with superb Loggerin and colleague appeared Gala Gonzalez and her male counterpart Miguel Carrizo. For our site, the partner in crime for the current #Us2 were campaign in front of the camera to visualize the intention of the brands and to wrap with personality, self love and team power around the finger. For the launch of the current campaign, could we be in Amsterdam with it last week and today finally to share the result with you.

Colleague Tiany.  Just before breakfast.  #Interiorgoals

Focused documentation.

In the conversation: Gala Gonzales with Miguel Carrizo and the Our site communications boss.

My Love: perfectly, because #Imperfect.

Should of course not be missing: our favorites, the latest collection from the showroom yesterday:

And a few selected links for you:

Our checkered coat favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4
the Leopard coat.
The yellow winter coat.
Cardigan in the man Department.
The button blouses collection.
Norwegian sweater.
Rough corduroy mini.

Some pictures of last Wednesday:

Now is the project , as announced, so in the next round and #imperfect to #Us2 expands. Because we all know: nobody appreciates and loves us more for everything, we are or not just, as our true heart people, friends, partners, siblings or other Kumplizinnen and Kumplizen of our lives. For them we are beautiful: from the inside and from the outside, because beauty is just not only by outward appearances. For them, we are perfect, because we are real. And unique – with all quirks, soft cores and edges especially and wonderfully at the same time

We met so not just wonderful colleagues, but also a pretty charming power business couple aka Gala, and Miguel and allowed to muddle through the current collection of our site. For the current campaign images withdrew the two bags of love (strictly Platonic, of course) rustled through cornfields with their vintage cars on the land, and joked around the campfire. The two were also responsible for the looks and picked only from the current collection, which would take away himself by the stain.

And even more pictures from the event:

Whether you deliberately chose one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, torn through channels and again growing together by bridges, I do not think though and is most likely my own, blooming fantasy. It would however somehow fit and quite wonderfully underline wit message of their long campaign, not even finds her? Amsterdam, much too long we were not here, we’ll be back. Very quickly, you beautiful, terrible entschleunigte, arg-loving town.

A small hotel recommendation on the edge: we were housed in the beautiful Hoxton hotel and can only recommend this attractive accommodation at this point: insanely cute, very friendly staff, beautifully located and soso cozy!

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