Sweet T-Shirts Yourself Make – Printed Tops for Children


  2. Printed T-Shirt with Strawberry motif
  3. Make a T-Shirt with dogs myself
  4. Make T-shits itself – with Dragon motif
  5. Make a T-Shirt with embroidery hoop himself


Whether strawberries, small dogs, or Dragon – you make a very special top – with the favorite motif of your children from a plain, white T-Shirt. Are you like that? We are betrayed.

DIY fans! Today fashion we white t-shirt easy to. The sweet designs turn plain tops for children in real unique with favorite parts warranty and are a great idea for an unforgettable birthday. We show you four examples how to step by step make T-Shirts yourself. So, here we go!

Printed T-Shirt with Strawberry motif

A shirt for real girls: The fruity Strawberry design makes you want summer and delicious berries.

You need this: may be Strawberry template by 25 cm length (from the Internet), 1 paper napkin with berries motifs (such as from the ppd), 1 White T-Shirt, napkin engineering adhesives for textiles (such as textile potch of Javana;) Craft store), pencil, scissors, cardboard, soft brush

And here’s how:

  1. strawberry on the napkin (these may be previously carefully iron) paint and cut out.
  2. the upper layer of the napkin pull off. Slide cardboard between the both sides of the T shirt. Front of the T-Shirts rub with some napkin glue and apply the motive layer Centre.
  3. the napkin adhesive with a soft brush gently paint inside out over the napkin theme, the borders secure and dry.
  4. According to the manufacturer fix the subject to better durability.

Make a T-Shirt with dogs myself

How sweet – and perfect for little girls who are very fond of dogs.

You need this: Paper napkins with motif, white T-Shirt, napkin glue for fabric (such as by hobby line; Department store; approx. 4 euros), scissors, brush

And here’s how:

1 napkin motives tear out or cutting.

  1. the T-Shirt (appretur – fabric softener-free) on the spot to which thin with napkin glue, brush and.
  2. the upper layer of the napkin subject take off and put on the T-Shirt.

Carefully from inside to outside pass on the subject, while the edges well fix 4. napkin adhesive with a soft brush.

  1. again, napkin glue coat your subject for better fixation.

6 let it dry 24 hours.

7 by intense left ironing fix (about 5 minutes on silk or cotton setting) depending on the used cloth.

Tip: The glue can go over the edge of the paper motif. He dries completely transparent.

Make T-shits itself – with Dragon motif

The guys should of course also not go out. When the big sister Gets a printed T-Shirt , there is quite clear to us racial equality. And what fits here better than a cute motif with a grooo cool dangerous Dragon…?

You need this: 1 sheet of foam rubber (craft store), 2 wooden blocks (possibly cut leave), all-purpose glue (such as Pritt), white T-Shirt, pencil, t scissors, brush or small paint roller, iron

And here’s how:

1 transfer Dragon and tongue with pencil on foam rubber and cut out.

  1. reversed stick on 2 wooden blocks.
  2. delete fabric paint with a brush or a roller on the foam.
  3. dragons and tongue on the T-Shirt print. Let it dry.
  4. by ironing fix color according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Tip: Before printing on push a cardboard in the T-Shirt so soggy the color on the back side. After drying, carefully remove cardboard.

Make a T-Shirt with embroidery hoop himself

We would also wear this T-Shirt. The old hoop were ironed onto the fabric. How we got that? Was not difficult…

You need this: old embroidery as a template, hoop, 2 different sizes (haberdashery), transfer film for textiles (stationery), T-Shirt, inkjet printer, scissors (haberdashery), iron

And here’s how:

2 embroidery designs select 1 and in 2 different sized hoop clamp.

  1. images scanning (at home or in the copy shop). Motives must be mirrored, so they’re right around on the T-Shirt.
  2. on the special transfer foil print with ink-jet printers, here follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. the subjects close to the hoop along cut out.
  4. the designs on the T-Shirt, with the subject down arrange and iron manufacturer’s instructions on the T-Shirt.
  5. the T-Shirt cool off and then carefully remove the backing film.