The Best Complement for a Party This Autumn/Winter Look Is The Cardigan, Blazer or Wrap

Many people ask me what is the best dressing for a look for evening or wedding. Than if a bolero, that if one layer, that if a scarf set with fabric dress, etc … personally, when there is of medium a prom dress that is out of the smooth and plain, what you need to do is not to enhance the effect “ uploaded tone ”, but minimize it.

Smooth lace, shiny fabric, the paillettes, or flyers, with a garment that do not recharge. And my favorite choice is the cardigan.

There is nothing easier and less complicated. If you’re wearing a plain black dress for a wedding, it is logical that you want to give him a pompous air of crystals, or embroidered in gold inlaid.

But it works in the opposite direction when the protagonist is a design of on flashy. Do not throw to lose something as simple as what to wear over a wonderful model for a bad choice.

If it’s a cold bearable, strip blazer.

And if the temperature that makes big words, you take hold of the coat. You do not compliques you life or take you years up.