The Look Right: Focus on the Shirt with Geometric Print

This simple combination is a good example of how a piece well chosen, can be worth around the look, but at the same time, it is a warning about how the style of a shirt does not depend on a pattern, details carnival, cuffs colorful, or too many buttons, good taste is above it all.

The Look Right Focus on the Shirt with Geometric Print

Why does it work?

The shirt with geometric design kept the attention on the top part of the look of becoming the focal point, with basic colors and a pattern that is mesmerizing she no longer has any detail that could leave them polluted (points to the designer responsible for). The combination with a pair of jeans shorts secured a air-cool, relaxed and slightly urban, which is very well finished off by the glasses that appear to balance the equation and leave the face more interesting.

Try this…

wearing boat shoes brown or caramel to make contrast with the jeans. The hype around the white tennis shoes is justified, here they also fall very well!

It would not be the same thing if…

obviously swapped out the shirt for a smooth or even a t-shirt, but it is also worth noting the role of the bermuda stylish, but neutral, that does not fight with the shirt and does not load the visual.

In short:

  • Careful with parts that have many details, it may hinder instead of help;
  • Select with good taste the shirt, generally it sets the tone for the rest of the look, avoid excesses;
  • Geometry creates the patterns that draw the eye and can change the way we perceive a look;
  • The bermuda jeans is a good option to complement without polluting, giving an air of relaxed;
  • Boat shoes and white tennis shoes are the best two options of footwear here.

Additional tips

– The shirt folded casually, without bothering to mark the cuffs, gives a personal touch and stripped down to the visual.

– Be careful with the shorts too long, they shorten the legs and do not work well or who is very high.