The New “Flying Diamonds” by Glowybox Jewelry Collection

Glowybox stands for glamorous jewelry design. In their creations, combined elegance and avant-garde designer Franziska Fischer and creates so exclusive jewelry that stands out by feel, as well as by extraordinary shapes and colors.

“Flying Diamonds” collection consists of colorful trinkets that for the coming summer, fresh and cheerful accents the spring/summer 2012. Bright colors, floral elements, and coral mate elements and precious 925 Silver with cool stainless steel, sparkling Swarovski–lust for life and ease meets elegance and luxury. The aura and charm of the Canadian monarch‐falters provided the inspiration for the Kollektion‐highlight: a delicate chain with Schmetterlings‐Anhänger.

The handmade pieces in Germany reflect the subtle interplay between jewellery, art, nature and luxury materials which are completed by new manufacturing techniques and excellent workmanship. Every single piece impresses with new structures and shines in a unique shine.

Glowybox was established in 2007 by the designer Franziska Fischer and first presented in Caracas, Venezuela. A year later a complete jewelry collection was already being offered. Since 2009 Glowybox equips regular German and international fashion designers in successful collaborations – such as, for example, the fashion show by Dawid Tomaszewski, which took place in January 2011 in the framework of the Berlin fashionweek.

From April 2012 the Glowybox summer 2012 is apropos in Cologne or other selected addresses collection available in the Quartier 206 in Berlin, with pool in Munich. Price’s uphill for about 150 euros.