Trend Jeans: the Coolest Parts of Denim for 2015

All jeans, or what?

We carry Yes ok, jeans of course almost every day – but the all-rounder material is indeed seasonal trends. We show you the new denim pieces.

The substance that has been invented and established in the 70s as leisure clothing, Levi Strauss is always present in our everyday lives. Almost everyone wears at least a part of denim. Usually, it is classic jeans trousers, that now make our looks varied in different colors.

But also by 2015, there are trends in jeans, which are mainly to cut and shape of parts to detect. But even old friends let themselves again. The jumpsuit is back! The part, which was produced initially as first made the rugged denim material and produced mainly in the early 20s of the last century for workers of Levi Strauss comes this year in our closet.

On the days when tough guys in New York still on Steel support in the Dizziness amount spent their lunch break, the new overalls are far and practically decorated. The parts especially with accessories and shoes to get the female kick. High-heels or Espadrilles can give a rough overall that certain something. A pocket in a feminine color, such as pink or gold one piece takes the hardness. Who by the way, thought, Dungarees for pregnant women: Sorry, people! These times have also changed and we girls can access with baby ball or not – this summer to overalls or also Dungaree dresses.

Which development of the jeans is still watching? Last year we wore on our legs especially tight tube. Of which we are can say goodbye technical trend now. The cuts when the pants are generally further and straighter. 2015 also beat pants is back again inspired by the 70’s. The cool Part of the hippie, what we up out have rummaged in the last few years at festivals, now becomes the perennial favorite in the summer. And you, like for the special shape of the pants conjures up great curves and also women, not super slim are beautiful. Combined is our new favorite part with wedge heels (stretches visually in the length), white blouse, XXL sunglasses and fringe bag.

We already know denim shirts from last year, but also by 2015 one wrong, doesn’t matter if you attack to combinations with this Part of denim. To make it a bit more exciting – are the blouses and shirts with soft, flowing materials or tip. The mix of materials is visually exciting ‘ work top of the Cowboys ‘ a feminine touch and PEPs. Also prints on the jeans shirts do something for the eye here. This year we must combine the jeans shirts with jeans pants in the same color. What has long when too much is now conscious.

When we talk about denim looks, the jeans clothes may not be missing. You are the airy variation on overalls and co. and really suitable for almost any occasion. Whether in the Office, on the barbecue with friends or a coffee with the in-laws, depending on the model we feel always well-dressed. The great thing: The jeans clothes are a wonderful contrast to the otherwise so masculine held jeans Trends 2015 and can conjure up even a beautiful waist with a belt. For the transition, we choose especially dark dresses with long sleeves. Delicate accessories in pastel shades give the look the spring rotation.

And we always knew that our beloved Denim parts well look like always and at any time of the year can be, here are a few great classic jeans, we never want to miss out come: denim jackets, tutus and pants…