Trends in Vestidos De Fiesta IV: Corsets

Continue the review of the trends leading into Christmas party dresses and now is the turn of the corsets. This winter we show our side more sexy and undergarments out to the light again, Recalling the time when Madona It became fashionable corsets on her Blond Ambition Tour tour, back in the 1990s, with its exaggerated corsets designed by Jean Paul Galtier.

The best combination for corsets is with flying skirts, or, for the more daring, with tulle skirts as a dancer, as it looked Scarlett Johansson at the Metropolitan Museum gala.

Not only are back with force the corsets, but also the dresses with neckline shaped heart, very feminine and enhance the shape of the chest although we do not have excessive curves.

Photos you put shops are as Mango, Asos and Net-a-porter, where can you find corsets of all kinds and all prices for your next holiday commitments.

When the holidays are passed, corsets are recyclable in the journal looks, simply by under a thin cotton t-shirt in a basic white or grey colour or covering them with a cardigan with a pair of buttons unbuttoned that leave visible the top of corset (with what gets a look really sexy).