Ulyana Sergeenko, a Diva Dressed as Fairytale

Born in Kazakhstan but raised in St. Petersburg, That’s right Ulyana Sergeenko. Perhaps many don’t know it, to my it was the same until a few months ago, but it is one of the “it girls” Russian older ones. Ulyana is also photographer of fashion and from the year 2012 Designer, presenting their collections in the week of the fashion of high seam in Paris. A very style Particular whose best Ambassador is herself, her way of wearing your own clothes make it seem taken from a Hollywood movie.

A special pose, with charisma and personality. Ulyana appears at the door of the best parades in cities such as Paris or New York for all photographers capture his wonderful and giant hat or his coat with dramatic sleeves. Another of his passions are great heels and accessories on head.

His career as a model, After being captured by a talent scout in Russia, was truncated by the refusal of parents to the young woman traveled world-wide parading and posing for the most important cameras from around the world. Without this parental protection perhaps today would be talking about one of the “top models” more influential in the world because her beauty is obvious.

His style is heavily influenced by Russian culture, the low temperatures in the area and most characteristic area tissues without doubt. So it is not unusual to see Ulyana with one mink long skirt or a large set of Hat and gloves of white hair. A very Particular style that feel to it perfectly.

Their Collections These are exactly the same, defends what she would be and gets and despite being a style somewhat eccentric She bet because everyone dares with these features garments. For my taste, there are really wonderful garments but perhaps by combining with other garments of other firms, we get a look more current but with lot of style and personality.

The Russians are in fashion, that there is no doubt. It seems that the Italian and French that have always stood by her taste is have been slightly behind leaving Russia at the top of the list. Miroslava Duma Perhaps the most popular but other girls like Ulyana or Natalia Goldenberg follow closely marking trend.

They are risky and opt to follow the trend of the moment, but always with a very personal style and with much originality. Perhaps to be a little different and very uneven way have managed to win victory in what to “it girls” they refer. When they arrive at fashion shows becomes a revolution if you come all “hand” as usual see them.

Ulyana continue to talk about, both for its looks in their collections and public appearances. A small stumble in the parade of Dior last February he did not that all eyes focus on her for this incident but for his style and attitude, excellent. A style somewhat Particular but actually to dream, tale.