Vests, The Latest Contribution of Kate Moss

It is well known that everything that Kate Moss do lately is news and above all, everything about Kate Moss view becomes trend. So no wonder that since the top appears wearing a vest, this garment out of the grandparents and the costumes of the Magi cabinets to make their appearance in the urban fashion.

The vest can wear on t-shirts without sleeves, entalladisimos tops or as the protagonist. That if the idea of joining it to a shirt is too 90’s and does not fall within the new trend. They have to be slumping, with an impeccable cut and the Favorites are in black and white.

Some of the celebrities who have adopted the trend are Jennifer Lopez, the always at the last Victoria Beckham y Mischa Barton. Kate saw you at Glastonbury with one black man who joined a few shorts by matching all all and relaxed with ballerinas and striped t-shirt also style I love. Jennifer and Victoria also managed with the skinny and high heels; but Mischa please have the spectacle of magic still does not start. Those shiny trousers with vest makes it look like that come out in a Broadway show.