Victoria Beckham Looking for Seeming to Audrey Hepburn

One of the looks that most remember in recent months, is Penélope Cruz when he tried to look like Audrey Hepburn; I liked it so much, that when today I have seen the new style of Victoria Beckham, It was the first thing that has me at the head.

The cult film actress Breakfast at Tiffany’s It has always been one of my fetishes, and when many women in the world of fashion it try to emulate, or do so in a manner worthy or remain in a banal attempt. The case of Victoria Beckham It has gone rather through first, since style has, sometimes we do not know very well where, but has it, and most importantly: has a pose and a role that always interpret.

On arrival to the LAX Airport Los Angeles, the British wore a nice dress topped by a white collar black tube and combined a few elegant black shoes (Nothing look like on previous occasions), as well as some retro maxigafas that often choose for this type of occasions.

A ten for the British.