Victoria Beckham Returns to Madrid to Promote Her Line of Jeans

Yes, it is too thin. Isn’t that not has noticed it before because it is me been overlooked, is that Victoria Beckham Since that is the Victoria Beckham commercial product, so. And I do not like with the example that gives nor do I think that yours is a too healthy image since the Constitution that looks, not what mother nature gave.

Regardless of its disorders Here’s what we do eco, it is your style. But let us for many things in the pipeline. And the look He wore the posh yesterday afternoon in the capital of Spain, that it smells of garlic, was again impeccable. Black vest, sash with buttons and skinny trousers, of the autumn-winter of the line dVb denim collection, the same coming to promote the store Ekseption. And this time: went with shirt below.

Impossible stilettos were made by his friend Marc Jacobs. But the face of circumstance and the stretched pose, were all his.