Wearing a Silk Monkey, by Rachel Bilson

Undoubtedly the monkeys they seize the closets of celebrities. Do you already have yours? I for my part, despite the trend, still not find one that does not make me look like bring Pajamas or as Wonder Woman. But I’m taking note of the famous and the way they have it.

If you thought that the monkeys were high, has been wrong. With the offer that exists now, until the Petite we find one suitable. Rachel Bilson It is an example of this, as the girl measured exactly what I. So, my hope.

Yes Chloe Sevigny It took one leather causing found opinions, the Silk jumpsuit actually belongs to Rachel Bilson. The actress chose a fantastic design in black’s Helmut Lang, that I directly forwards Stella McCartney style. The monkey had v-neck and a Ribbon to mark the figure. Rachel kept a very relaxed style flip-flops color camel, a black maxibolso and tortoiseshell-framed sunglasses (left at home the) Ray-Ban for once).

Not be to you, but this style gives me the basis to look a monkey’s noventero cut with a touch relaxed without any problem.